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At Solid State Construction, we take immense pride in being your go-to partner for all things home remodeling and repair in Erie, PA. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, reflecting our passion for transforming spaces into personalized havens.


From the moment you choose Solid State Construction, you're entrusting your home to a team dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions. Specializing in a myriad of services, including bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, and business storefront transformations, we bring a wealth of experience to each endeavor.


Our expertise extends beyond remodeling; we're your comprehensive solution for home improvement projects. Whether it's revamping your interiors with fresh paint, installing new flooring, or enhancing your home's exterior through siding and deck work, we've got it covered. We understand the importance of every detail in making a house truly feel like home.


Maintenance is not an afterthought but a crucial aspect of homeownership. At Solid State Construction, we offer services such as power washing and gutter cleaning to ensure your property not only looks its best but also maintains its structural integrity. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we approach each project with the same care and consideration we would give to our own homes.


Our mantra is simple but powerful: "We are not satisfied with our work until you are happy." This embodies our customer-centric philosophy, emphasizing the personalized touch we bring to every project. When you choose Solid State Construction, you're not just getting a contractor; you're gaining a partner dedicated to making your home improvement dreams a reality.


For a closer look at who we are and what we stand for, visit the "About Us" section on our website. Discover our history, values, and mission, and see why Solid State Construction is the trusted name in home remodeling and repair. Your home deserves the best, and with us, you're in capable hands.

Have a look at our work:

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